Monday, April 17, 2017

Cuba as a Journalist

Visiting Cuba as a Journalist.

OK, I know what you guys are thinking. If anyone out there is actually reading this blog. You are probably thinking, “Ah hah! That's why he started this blog! He's working the system”. Well not really, maybe a little. But I actually am a journalist “cough” of sorts. I actually have a degree in Journalism, and Associates of Arts degree from Northeast Mississippi Community College in Booneville, Ms.

And I have used my degree to some extent. I was a community news correspondent for two local papers for a short time. I hated it. I didn't do it long. Since then I have dabbled in writing, some more serious than others. I wrote for a couple of content mills, mostly, Associated Content and later for Yahoo Voices. I actually made a decent amount of side change from Yahoo Voices.

In 2008, I started Lord Dixie's Dark Domain, that's still chugging along and I update semi regularly with the written word and photos. Since then I have started several other blogs, none as successful as the Dark Domain. In the last two years I have been working at the House of Tortured Souls, first as a staff writer, then editor, now site admin (while still writing). I have also hosted three different podcasts, and worked as a freelance photographer. I'm no Dan Rather but I think I can call myself a freelance journalist without feeling too dirty.

The official qualifications for the journalistic exception is that you are employed full or part time as a journalist, or are a freelance journalist. A few years ago I might have been a bit more uneasy about my qualifications. Now however, the state department is basically giving a wink and a nudge to people applying for a license. Enough so that I'm going to try it. All of course depends on whether Trump or the Congress decides to slam the Cuba door shut again.

So there is some amount of risk. My room will have a cancellation policy that, if the rules change, at least if the change up to a week before, I can recoup my housing fees. I don't have a clue about the airfare. If travel to Cuba is tightened up, will I be allowed a credit or refund? Time hopefully wont tell. Much of the relaxing of restrictions was done by executive order, which can be hard to undo, except with another executive order. Hopefully so much progress has been made that the new president will see it as needlessly complicated to reverse direction.

So for now this is it on my Cuba trip. I will update more as my plans are updated and put into motion. I'll also blog any deals, short cuts, troubles I come across. I will also begin to blog about my other travel fun, with photos from past trips to New Orleans, Memphis, Cincinnati, Williamsburg, Biloxi and elsewhere. And since I live on the beach (or very close), I'll probably do some blogging about my home area. Sharing info about local attractions, restaurants and whatever else seems interesting.

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