Saturday, April 15, 2017

My first flight

So where were we...

My first flight, to Massachusetts, or to Connecticut and on to Mass in a car. And that was it for travel of any kind for three years. Three years of struggling with school and dreaming of the day I would get out and earn BIG BUCKS. I still haven't found the big bucks but I'm doing alright I guess. But this is about travel, not the shitty pay the south offers.

So while I was finishing school, I started looking for a cheap hobby, obviously that wasn't travel. So I started collecting autographs through the mail. The cost was a stamp, a sheet of paper and a little finger work in writing. I always wrote long hand, it seemed more personal than typing. About this time, I came across celebrity conventions. I decided, once I was out of school and gainfully employed, I was going to travel to one of them. After much debate, I finally settled on Baltimore for my first convention. It was a great experience, and the beginning of something that still continues.

Since then, way back in 2005, I have traveled by air and by car to conventions in thirteen different states (as of now). I went as far west as Dallas, South to New Orleans and Pensacola Florida, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana among others. Those were just convention travels. I also flew to Las Vegas and drove through the California desert to Lake Havasu Arizona for a job interview. I also made smaller trips, here and there for fun and vacation.

But I never flew outside the country, and I've never wanted to drive to Canada again. Now I made some plans to visit places, but life always seemed to interfere. Other things took priority. Then last year, I successfully saved up for a weeks vacation in New Orleans with my friend Robin. I could save money, to some extent at least. Then something else happened. An innocent conversation with my friend Dean, where he said he had realized, he had reached a point where he would never live long enough to watch all the movies he wanted to see. It hit me, I would never live long enough to visit all the places I wanted to travel to. And the longer I waited, the less places I would visit.

To be continued

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