Thursday, June 1, 2017

New Orleans- The Prytania Park Hotel

New Orleans

It's my favorite American city! Luckily I got to spend a whole nine days there back in March. Now I have been to New Orleans about nine or ten times in my life. I grew up about nine hours away in North Mississippi, but now I am only about three hours away. Usually I just make day trips or overnights but the extended week there was a rare treat. It allowed me to see a bit more of the city, and surrounding area. We of course thoroughly covered the French Quarter, if that is actually possible (psst it isn't, we still missed a lot).

The Prytania Park Hotel
The Prytania Park Hotel

We booked our stay at the Prytania Park Hotel, in the lower Garden District. It's a great location, if you cant get a room in the quarter. The hotel is a only a block away from historic St. Charles Street and their iconic street cars, making that a legit, and inexpensive, way to travel to the quarter. Just remember the street cars are part of the city's transit authority and full of commuters and local travelers. When I say full, I mean packed. We made the trip once and after that relied on Uber.

The Prytania Park was also just a short drive from the World War II museum, the Confederate museum and Lee Circle. Of course Lee Circle is in the news a lot today and it wouldn't shock me to see it renamed now that the statue of the General has been removed. But we aren't getting political here, maybe in my next Cuba post (not!).
New Orleans World War II Museum
Hanging plane at the New Orleans World War II museum 

If you are planning a trip to New Orleans the Prytania Park is an excellent choice. I have always tried to stay in the quarter but with rising hotel prices, it simply wasn't possible to find a hotel in our budget for a whole extended week. We got the Prytania for what I consider a steal at $129.00 a night. If that wasn't enough it came with free parking. My last two times I spend in the French Quarter, I paid over $30 a night for parking. Saving that really stretches a vacation budget.

Using Uber to travel from the hotel to the French Quarter cost us around $6 dollars a trip, which saved the hassle of finding parking space, dealing with Quarter traffic (car and foot) and the cost of parking. Basically we used the car to explore the greater metropolitan area of New Orleans, and the outskirts of town, and Uber to go into the French Quarter, and some Garden District areas. The Garden District streets can be narrow and rough, and parking can be an adventure. The small fees for Uber were well worth it, and it also allowed us to enjoy an occasional adult beverage!